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Addiction recovery process

About Sobriety Now Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Learn more about our philosophy, our mission, our facility, and our staff.

Individualized Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Recovery

Sobriety Now Addiction Treatment and Recovery is an outpatient facility specializing in the treatment of Addiction and Substance Use Disorders. We are located in the historic Land Title Building on Broad Street in Center City, Philadelphia. We provide treatment for adults healing from substance use disorder, with convenient transportation and housing options and specialized treatment plans to provide comprehensive care for anyone in the Philadelphia area. 


As part of our unique 24-hour access to live staff for treatment consultation, Sobriety Now provides services for all adults in all stages of addiction. Our program offerings include Partial Hospitalization (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP), traditional Outpatient Treatment (OP), and sober living housing. Every client receives individualized care and treatment from a well-trained clinical team dedicated to saving and improving lives.


We aim to remove the stigma for those looking to enter treatment and make the conscious choice to seek focus on their healing and recovery from substance use.

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Our Mission

Sobriety Now’s mission is to establish and maintain a safe and welcoming environment where any individual committed to rehabilitation can find help and gain a true partner in their recovery. We believe the outpatient model is a more favorable, accessible, and effective option for those seeking help who do not have the ability or desire to abandon their day-to-day lives and responsibilities.

We strive to develop and offer robust treatment plans in tandem with aftercare programs, case management, and vocational services in a state-of-the-art facility that will result in Sobriety Now being a leader in producing positive results for our clients and serve as an example in the industry as to what rehabilitation should look like.

Our Organizational Ethics

At Sobriety Now our Organizational Ethics are as follows:

  • Marketing material of Sobriety Now will only reflect the services we offer. 

  • Sobriety Now will only offer and market services that we are licensed and or accredited.

  • Clients will only be billed for services they signed up for and were rendered. 

  • Each bill will itemize and include dates of services. 

  • All staff will be required to follow our code of ethics for employees and conduct themselves ethically with our clients. 

  • All vendor contracts will be reviewed by the CEO and Executive Director for any possible ethics violations or conflict of interest. 

  • All admissions will be based upon the client’s ability to meet admission criteria, not Sobriety Now’s professional or business interests. 

  • Referrals to other health care providers will be made based upon the client’s need for other services. Partners will also be expected to meet the same criteria.

  • Any violations of this or our Code of Ethics will be reviewed by the CEO and Executive Director to enforce our ethics and business practices.

Licenses and Accreditations

We are licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (DDAP) as well as the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP).

Our Facility

Our outpatient substance use disorder treatment and recovery center is centrally and conveniently located in the heart of Center City Philadelphia.

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