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client rights

Client Rights and Expectations

Sobriety Now protects the human, civil, and constitutional rights of each client.

Admission into Sobriety Now to receive treatment for addiction does not waive your human rights. We encourage our clients to be involved in their care or treatment plan. Such rights of the client are detailed below:

  1. A client receiving care or treatment under section 7 of the act (71 P. S. § 1690.107) shall retain civil rights and liberties except as provided by statute. No client may be deprived of a civil right solely by reason of treatment.

  2. SobrietyNOW, LLC may not discriminate in the provision of services on the basis of age, race, creed, sex, ethnicity, color, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, handicap or religion. 

  3. Clients have the right to inspect their own records. The project, facility or clinical director may temporarily remove portions of the records prior to the inspection by the client if the director determines that the information may be detrimental if presented to the client. Reasons for removing sections shall be documented in the record. 

  4. Clients have the right to appeal a decision limiting access to their records to the director. 

  5. Clients have the right to request the correction of inaccurate, irrelevant, outdated or incomplete information in their records.

  6. Clients have the right to submit rebuttal data or memoranda to their own records. 28 Pa. Code § 709.30 Amended by Pennsylvania Bulletin, Vol 44, No. 42. October 18, 2014, effective 10/18/2014.

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