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Organizational Ethics

At Sobriety Now our Organizational Ethics are as follows:
  • Marketing material of Sobriety now will only reflect the services that we offer. 

  • Sobriety Now will only offer and market services that we are licensed and or accredited for. 

  • Patients will only be billed for services they signed up for and were rendered. 

  • Each bill will itemize and include dates of services. 

  • We will try to review and correct any billing conflicts, without the harassment of patient or vendor. 

  • All staff will be required to follow our code of ethics for employees and conduct themselves ethically with our patients. 

  • All vendor contracts will be reviewed by the CEO and Clinical Director for any possible ethics violations or conflict of interest. 

  • All admissions will be based upon the patient’s ability to meet admission criteria, not Sobriety Now’s professional or business interests. 

  • Referrals to other health care providers will be made based upon the patients need for other services and also the partners need to meet that criteria as well. 

  • Any violations of this or our Code of Ethics will be reviewed by the CEO and Clinical Director to enforce our ethics and business practices. 

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