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Sobriety Now Team

Meet the Sobriety Now Addiction Treatment and Recovery Team

Our outstanding Master’s level clinicians are committed to providing clients with a safe, comfortable space to recover.

Meet Our Team

We believe that with a positive, welcoming, judgment-free environment, clients are more inclined to attend, receive, and complete their treatment. Sobriety Now Addiction Treatment and Recovery focuses on working with only experienced, professional, and caring counselors while providing clients with ongoing support and a desirable rewards program that will change how treatment is currently viewed in our country. Meet our phenomenal staff below:

Johanna Agnew

Executive Director

Johanna Agnew, LPC

University of Pennsylvania

"It is important for me to be part of the solution to the substance use  epidemic and be a space where someone can begin to heal not only for themselves, but those they love, too."

Clinical Supervisor

Kerry Fitzpatrick, LSW

Temple University

"I chose this field because it gives me the unique opportunity to help change the perception of what addiction treatment looks like. Working with this population allows me to show people that asking for help can be a positive and dignified experience.”

Kerry Fitzpatrick


Benjamin Richter, MS, LPC Candidate


"I enjoy watching people grow and face their challenges head on with simple but effective cognitive skills and behavioral changes."

Benjamin Richter
Jade Motto


Jade Motto, LSW

West Chester University

"Ultimately, my decision to work with individuals who suffer from an addiction stems from a combination of my personal experiences and professional motivations. It is a challenging yet fulfilling path that allows me to provide essential support to individuals on their journey to recovery and help them regain control of their life again."

Eleazar Morris

Medical Director

Eleazar Morris, MD

SUNY at Buffalo School of Medicine, MD

"As a physician, part of my calling is to care for underserved patient populations, including substance use disorder and behavioral health.”

Certified Medical Assistant

Alissa Ott-Becker

“I believe in medication for substance use disorder.. I watched my family fall apart due to a family member’s struggles with substance use."

Alissa Ott-Becker
Julie Moskowitz

Intake Coordinator

Julie Moskowitz, BFA


"I work in this field because I believe in the transformative power of compassionate care and support to help individuals find hope, healing, and lasting recovery."

Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Board Certified

Anthony Tangi, PMHNP-BC

Walden University, MSN

“As a mental health and substance use disorder provider, I have the opportunity to offer others life-changing support either through psychopharmacological measures, psychodynamic therapies, education and counseling...This allows me the ability to offer compassion, inspire hope and teach the necessary tools to overcome their challenges and improve their overall well- being.”

placeholder Anthony Tangi
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