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Patient Rights

Admission into Sobriety now to receive treatment for addiction does not waive the right of you as a human being.

Sobriety Now protects the human, civil, constitutional, and rights of each patient. We encourage our patients to be involved in your care or treatment plan as such rights of the patient are detailed below:

  • Right to have a copy of your rights as of patient and detailed explanation of those rights. 

  • Right to be notified of the rules and expectations of your treatment plan. 

  • Right to the names of the staff involved in your treatment and the costs associated with our treatment. 

  • Right to receive a detailed breakdown of your diagnosis, our treatment plan, including an option of non-treatment. 

  • Right to help and participate in planning your care. 

  • Right to be treated fairly, with respect, and the right to privacy. 

  • Right to practice civil and religious liberties and including personal decisions. 

  • Right to not be abused physically or mentally. 

  • Right not to be discriminated against because, of race, age, religion, sex, nationality, or disability and or ability to pay. 

  • Right not to be discharged except for medical reasons, your welfare and or of other patients, or failure to pay fees when admitted. 

  • Right to appeal discharge. 

  • Right to your client records. 

  • Right to help with your treatment plan, as well as changes made to your current treatment plan. 

  • Right to receive care from trained, experienced, and professional clinical staff. 

  • Right to confidential treatment and your privacy. 

  • Right to file a grievance either written or orally through our CEO and Clinical Director, and the right to know that outcome.

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