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About Us

Sobriety Now is an Intensive Outpatient Care ("IOP") facility located on Broad Street in the historic Land Title Building in Center City Philadelphia.

We were founded by a group of experienced individuals with the goal of humanizing treatment and making rehab an obtainable and welcoming option for everyone in need!

Our Mission

Sobriety Now’s mission is to establish and maintain a safe and welcoming environment where any individual committed to rehabilitation can find help and gain a true partner in their recovery. We believe in the outpatient model as a more favorable, accessible, and effective option for those seeking help, but do not have the ability or desire to abandon their day-to-day lives and responsibilities.

We strive to develop and offer robust treatment plans in tandem with after care programs, case management and vocational services in a state-of-the-art facility that will result in Sobriety Now being a leader in producing positive results for our patients and serve as an example in the industry as to what rehabilitation should look like.

Our Philosophy

Sobriety Now aims to remove the stigma for those looking to enter rehab and make the conscious choice to seek help. Instead of approaching patients with an emphasis on negatives or what they may have done wrong, we believe in utilizing a positive approach that rewards them for battling their addiction.

With a positive, welcoming, judgment free environment, patients are more inclined to attend, receive and complete their treatment. Sobriety Now focuses on working with only experienced, professional and caring counselors; while providing patients with ongoing support and a desirable rewards program that will change the landscape of how treatment is currently viewed in our country.

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