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Substance Use Disorder Programs in Center City, Philadelphia

Our experts can guide you into the program that’s best for you.

Ready to Gain Freedom from Substance Use Disorder?

Or maybe a loved one needs help, and you aren’t sure where to turn. Either way, we’re here to provide compassionate care and guidance in a warm, welcoming, and convenient location.

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Comfortable housing and safe, private transportation are available to make it easier for patients to attend our programs—with exercise, healthy eating, and activities built in to support healing for the mind, body, and spirit. We also have a Medical Doctor (MD) and Nurse Practitioner (NP) on staff to provide Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT).

We Treat the Trades

Philadelphia is a city rich with trade workers and unions that we are proud to support with easily accessible treatment options. Afternoon sessions are available at our convenient Center City location, so patients can protect their careers and get the assistance they need.

Philadelphia skyline

Our Programs

Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 9:30a to 2:30p

Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is a 25-hour-a-week, intensive level of care designed for individuals acclimating to the community after inpatient care.

Wondering if Partial Hospitalization is right for you?

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Hours of Operation: 

Daytime IOP; Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:00a-1:00p

Evening IOP; Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 6:00p-9:00p

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a 10-hour-a-week, intensive level of care designed for individuals maintaining gainful employment.

Wondering if an Intensive Outpatient program is right for you?

Outpatient Therapy (OP)

Hours of Operation: 

Daytime IOP; Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:00a-1:00p

Evening IOP; Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 6:00p-9:00p

Our Outpatient Programming (OP) is designed for individuals stabilized in their recovery, participating in active employment, and needing the lowest level of ASAM care.

Wondering if Outpatient Therapy is right for you?

Drug & Alcohol Assessments

Sobriety Now offers one-time drug and alcohol assessments for legal or personal needs. During the assessment, the evaluator will assess your current needs and make a recommendation on the next steps. An evaluation takes around 90 minutes from start to finish. A one time drug and alcohol assessment is $150.00.


If you need an additional comprehensive legal report written, along with your assessment results, it is a $300.00 one-time fee.

Our Patient Intake Process: What to Expect

Our goal is to make the intake process as seamless as possible:

While going through your intake, you can ask any further questions you may have about your treatment, and we will do our best to answer them. We strive to provide you with informed, compassionate care as you navigate your recovery.

Sobriety Now is Committed to Reducing the Stigma of Substance Use Disorder

Sobriety Now’s convenient location in Center City, Philadelphia, puts empathetic and understanding clinicians with Master’s level expertise within reach. Housing and transportation options make getting help even easier and offer you and your loved ones more peace of mind. 


Sobriety Now Addiction Treatment and Recovery doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all approaches, instead centering the individual’s needs to put them on the path to recovery that’s right for them. With the added safety and comfort of our transportation and housing options, we do everything in our power to make treatment accessible so you or your loved one has all the support they need to reclaim their life and gain their freedom back.

"Sobriety Now has never given up on me. They continue to support me through all phases of my recovery, including my past relapses. My therapists have been so supportive. One has never given up on me, even at my lowest, and my other therapist was finally able to give me the family therapy that became the missing piece to my long-term sobriety."

"The day I walked into Sobriety Now my REAL LIFE began. Sobriety Now has literally saved my life!"

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