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City of Philadelphia

What Substance Use Disorders Do We Treat At Sobriety Now?

Our experienced staff is clinically trained to treat polysubstance use disorder at all outpatient levels of care. We commonly treat:​

Broad St. Suite

As the city of Philadelphia works to respond to the ever-evolving overdose crisis, we are consistently utilizing and implementing evidence-based best practices around treating Xylazine. Xylazine, commonly known as “tranq,” is a non-opioid medication used as a sedative and muscle relaxant in veterinary medicine. Although not approved for human use, Xylazine is increasingly added to street drugs (commonly opioids) and is often found in combination with fentanyl (a powerful synthetic opioid). Most drugs distributed in Philadelphia contain high levels of Xylazine.


We use Xylazine testing strips and screen for Xylazine during our routine Urine Drug Screens, along with all other panels to test for alcohol, opioids, cocaine, sedatives, and amphetamines. 


Learn more about Xylazine and Philadelphia’s response to the overdose crisis in 2023 here

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